Se Son Rose is a line of beauty products and home fragrances formulated with Rose oil, made with respect for tradition, but with a more responsible approach thanks to the use, wherever possible, of certified organically grown ingredients and the latest techniques.

Legend has it that as far back as the 14th century, a subtle fragrance of roses used to waft through the rooms inhabited by the mysterious lady of the castle, Domina Bella, serving as an ideal backdrop to her legendary charm.


The mysterious domina bella

The castle changed hands through the centuries: in the 19th century, the castle grounds were shaped into their current form to a design by count Carlo Sigismondo Freschi aided by his brother Gherardo, a renowned agronomist.


Portrait of Senator
Gherado Freschi, renowned agronomist


The main entrance
of Villa Freschi Piccolomini

Later, Carlotta – a musician and garden enthusiast – continued to add new rose types, creating for her husband Antonio Freschi, a famous violinist, the ideal atmosphere to inspire his musical compositions.


Antonio Freschi
famous violinist


Carlotta Freschi, Antonio’s wife,
pianist and rose enthusiast

In the early 20th century, their son, Carlo, was a diplomat to the court of the sultan
in Constantinople where, strolling through the great Topkapi rose garden, he could once again breathe in the cherished atmosphere of his castle’s garden.


Portrait of the young
Carlo Freschi


Carlo Freschi in his Yali
in Constantinople


Framed view of the
Topkapi Palace garden

While stationed there, he came up with the idea for a special gift for his young fiancée – the beautiful Veronese countess Eleonora Sparavieri – and commissioned local artisan workshops to produce a specially scented rose oil, which would become an essential component of his beloved’s daily toilet. Our current product line takes its inspiration from the composition of this very oil.


Eleonora Sparavieri
aged 17


Eleonora Sparavieri
in a photographic portrait by Alinari

The roses that have adorned the castle’s garden for centuries have exhilarated many a generation with their intoxicating colours and heady fragrances. Today, a labyrinth of medicinal Damask Roses, created by Benedetta Piccolomini as her own personal homage to the flower, marks out a sensory path of wellbeing in a space imbued with tranquillity and sweet fragrance, an example of landscape architecture at its best.

The Se Son Rose products represent an aesthetic lifestyle that dips into the past to draw on its inexhaustible wealth of profound values. The constant pursuit of refined, elegant products in a subtle and intimate dimension of luxury.


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+39 392 0205505