Shea Butter

It is a vegetable butter obtained from the seeds of an African plant, the tall and massive Vitellaria Paradoxa. Once seeds are harvested, their internal light yellow soft substance is picked up.
The scientific name of shea butter is Buthyrospermum parkii: this is the name you will find it in the INCI of Se Son Rose cosmetic products. Given its richness in vitamins and its excellent nourishing and antioxidant properties, shea butter is an absolute must in our formulations.

Protective, nourishing and antiaging properties:

The main feature of shea butter is the very high content of unsaponifiable substances: these have the ability of creating a lipid film, protecting our skin from external aggressions such as cold and dehydration, leaving it soft, perfumed and elastic. Unsaponifiable substances, combined with the large amount of vitamin A, B, E and F, prevent wrinkles formation by stimulating the production of collagen and elastin, and by giving skin elasticity and tone.

Soothing and anti-stretch properties:

Shea butter soothes, re-epithelizes (heals wounds) and hydrates even the most delicate and sensitive skin. It favors the production of collagen that prevents and reduces stretch marks as well as soothes breast fissures during lactation.


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+39 392 0205505