Damask Rose

The Damask Rose is a very ancient rose type and is native of Middle East.
Every flower presents 36 petals and its perfume, delicate yet unmistakable, is formed by more than 400 different aromatic compounds: these lend it some extraordinary properties as well as the nickname of “Queen of Roses”.
Its refined essential oil is obtained by handpicking petals during early morning hours, while they are still dewy, and by distilling them.
It is an ingredient widely used in cosmetics, to cure skin, psychic and emotional issues since it is rich in precious properties. Let’s find them out!

Hydrating properties

The damask rose hydrating properties form a skin shield, that prevents from and slows down the skin dehydration process (called gelification). Thanks to its hydration, the damask rose gives relief to an irritated dermis and is perfect for dry, thin and dehydrated skins. Furthermore it is a vasoconstrictor, thus soothing redness while giving freshness.

Elasticity and tone properties

Thanks to this properties, the damask rose can firm up skin, giving it a young and healthy aspect.
It is ideal for pregnant women because it can prepare their skin for childbirth.

Antiaging properties

It hinders the formation of wrinkles, keeping the skin fresh and young.

Antidepressive properties

The damask rose perfume is useful to calm anxiety down and ease headaches, favoring a relaxation process.


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+39 392 0205505