The Rosehip is the most common wild rose type in Italy and can often be found near woods or in the Italian countryside.
Its flower is composed of 5-7 petals and its berries are rich in vitamin C, with vitamin quantities that can be even 100 times higher than in citrus fruits.
It is for this very reason that the rosehip cosmetic action is very vitaminizing.

Antioxidant properties:

Thanks to high amounts of vitamin C, the antioxidant power of rosehips protects the skin from harmful free radical actions. It acts as a powerful anti-aging player, thanks to its penetration property that reaches the deepest skin layers. Natural acids contained in rosehips berries have a smoothing and moisturizing effect.

Regenerating properties

The essential fatty acids that form the rosehip oil can improve the aspect of scars and eczema as they promote skin regeneration. Essential fatty acids, combined with vitamin A and antioxydants, help alleviate sun damage, and improve skin tone and pigmentation.


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