Aloe Vera

This fleshy perennial plant can reach up to one meter in height. Its use is very ancient: some evidences can be found on clay tablets retrieved in a Mesopotamia town and dating back to 2000 b.C. Furthermore, Aloe was known and widely used by Egyptians in embalming procedures, in daily body care and hygiene, and as a healing agent. It is called the “plant of immortality” or “natural healer” and its many virtues are formed by several active substance and nutritional components. Aloe, together with damask rose water, is one of the main ingredients of our formulations.

Moisturizing properties:

Aloe’s extraordinary ability to deeply penetrate the skin and moisturize it by retaining water, makes it a great ally to treat dehydrated skin.

Refreshing and soothing properties:

Its refreshing power combined with a low irritation potential makes aloe a great ally to treat irritated and sensitive skin. It is considered as one of the best ingredients to soothe the skin, especially with burns and after shaving.

Anti-aging properties:

Exactly like our roses, aloe has great antiaging and regenerating qualities, thanks to its amino acids, vitamins and minerals content. These elements stimulate the production of collagen.

Antibacterial properties:

Thanks to its antibacterial properties, aloe is able to perform a purifying action, useful in daily cleaning and in treating impure, acneic or seborrheic skin.


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