The refined flavour of wellbeing.

Our beauty products and fragrances are inspired by rose gardens and by the captivating history of Cordovado Castle, merging the sensory tradition of the Mediterranean garden with the age-old tradition of medicinal plants. Made, wherever possible, from certified organically grown ingredients according to ancient recipes that have reached us through a painstaking and skilful perfecting process.

Our home essences, which come in four different fragrances, are sublime nuances that reflect the four seasons of the rose garden: spring, summer, autumn and winter. These fragrances have an evocative power, precious details designed to enhance the comfort of the home.

The Se Son Rose body and face products, with their remarkable moisturizing and regenerating qualities, are available for purchase online and are all made with Damask Rose Water, Water-Based Extract of Damask Rose Buds, Aloe Vera Juice, Shea Butter, Prickly Pear Seed Oil – a rare and highly prized ingredient – and Dog Rose and Mosqueta Rose Oils. In the case of almost all products, no fragrances have been added so as not to interfere with the ingredients’ natural subtle aromas.

The Soave body and hair Shampoo and Ultimate Comfort Oil have had White Rose fragrance added to them along with Essential Lavender Oil.

The beauty product line has been conceived based on a philosophy of respect for the environment and people, which is why we use only natural emulsifiers. What’s more, because our products do not use any animal-sourced substances, they are vegan friendly.

Discover the precious properties of the Se Son Rose products ingredients.


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+39 392 0205505