A Master Perfumer in the Castle’s Gardens

Not many people know that the art of creating a perfume is a process that requires many years of training, studying and practicing.
A person can become Master Perfumer, and gain this prestigious title, only after having worked for several, important and international perfumeries.
Nowadays we count up to no more than one hundred Master Perfumers.
The elegance and quality of our air fragrances are created by the ability of one of the greatest Master Perfumers, Lorenzo Dante Ferro, from Venice.
The strongly evocative sensorial experience created by Master Dante Ferro is based on rose essential oils, wisely harmonized, and other fine essences such as Bigarade Orange Flowers, mini Carnations, Lavender flowers, Lemon Flowers, Cyclamens and Amber Woods.
A fragrance for every season that will pamper you and make your home even more comfortable and welcoming.


+39 392 0205505


+39 392 0205505